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The Brand Launch Package


> Competitor & Target Audience Research
> Positioning Statement
> Mission Statement
> Brand Keywords
> Tagline
> Brand Voice & Moodboard
> Identity Suite (logo, fonts & colors)
> MailChimp Email Template
> Business Cards
> Squarespace Website


I might be a brand witch, but I have no black cats - just 2 sweet dogs. So when Arelis approached me to brand her dog photography venture, she had me at woof. No, seriously. Her email is woof(at) - count me in!

In 2016, after 10+ years as a professional photographer, Arelis couldn't resist her puppy love any longer and opened up shop as a dogs-only photography studio. Sorry, cute bunnies! I've known Arelis for a long, long time and had coined the name Dogs of Fun for her future dream business. When the time was right, she brought Witchcraft Branding on to do the full Brand Launch package - from Brand Foundation, to logo, tagline, brand colors & fonts, business cards, email blast template, and website.

Dogs of Fun is all about creating a space for dogs and their parents to spend an hour or so having pure, hassle-free fun - and in the end you get amazing photos to keep forever. I wanted to make sure the brand was a reflection of this mission without making it childish. By pairing bright colors and bold fonts with Arelis' amazing photography, we crafted a brand that's made us both really proud.

Read more about how this brand came together on the blog.


That feeling when everything aligns.
When The New Moon and the new you are one.
When female is more than a label. A lifestyle. A transformation.
When access to the magical power bestowed to us by our ancestors
is both effortless and galvanizing. It feels so right.
To be reborn within the cycle of your true self.
To be a catalyst for The Sisterhood.
To be embraced by The Divine Feminine.
To find yourself within your womb.
This is Womb Tree Alchemy.

Working with Enid and Witchcraft Branding has been an absolute dream come true. As an entrepreneur, I needed someone who understood my vision, my clients, and the feeling that I wanted my brand to embody. Enid get’s it. She was the perfect match for Womb Tree Alchemy.

As soon as I began working with Enid, I received immense clarity on where and how I wanted my biz to grow. I can say for sure, that I would not be confidently sharing my offerings with the world if it wasn’t for Witchcraft Branding. So much gratitude to you, Enid!