Ancient rituals for the modern-day magical Sisterhood.



Womb Tree Alchemy


Eugene, Oregon


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Sometimes our clients change us more than we change them. When Lauren Roberts reached out looking for branding services, I never thought her kindness, wisdom, and love would give me the strength to make big business decisions for Witchcraft Branding. Lauren is just that kind of person who is REALLY good at empowering others, especially women.

Lauren said she found me by typing the words "witchcraft branding" into Google. Fate working its magic. She had just restructured her offerings wanting to focus more on creating a modern-day magical sisterhood through ritual-based personal development courses, moon circles, one-on-one coaching, and metaphysical goods targeted exclusively for the female-identifying community.

Not gonna lie - I was intimidated by Lauren's credentials: a master in Moon Magic, Priestess Arts, Feminine Mysteries, certified Wellness Coach, and Ritual Facilitator. I dug deep to create a comprehensive brand that matched her magic and gave her the presence she needed to visually communicate her power. I was happy to have Lauren be so eager to experiment. I mean - she trusted me to create Tarot business cards with gold foil, grab inspiration for her brand colors from the magic of menstrual cycles, and add a dark filter over the images of her custom photoshoot. This was truly a dream branding project!

Since the launch of her new brand, Lauren has been able to go full-time with Womb Tree Alchemy - filling my heart with joy and images of dancing unicorns. I cannot recommend Lauren's services enough!


womb tree alchemy’s mission:

That feeling when everything aligns.
When The New Moon and the new you are one.
When female is more than a label.
A lifestyle. A transformation.
When access to the magical power bestowed to us by our ancestors is both effortless and galvanizing.
It feels so right.
To be reborn within the cycle of your true self.
To be a catalyst for The Sisterhood.
To be embraced by The Divine Feminine.
To find yourself within your womb.
This is Womb Tree Alchemy.

Working with Enid and Witchcraft Branding has been an absolute dream come true. As an entrepreneur, I needed someone who understood my vision, my clients, and the feeling that I wanted my brand to embody. Enid gets it. She was the perfect match for Womb Tree Alchemy.

As soon as I began working with Enid, I received immense clarity on where and how I wanted my biz to grow. I can say for sure, that I would not be confidently sharing my offerings with the world if it wasn’t for Witchcraft Branding. So much gratitude to you, Enid!