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Wildfire & Sage


Franklin, Tennessee


- Competitor and Target Audience Research
- Name and Tagline
- Positioning Statement
- Mission Statement
- Brand Keywords
- Brand Voice & Moodboard
- Identity Suite [logo, fonts, and colors]


I met Shelly Hill, the mastermind behind Wildfire & Sage, through an Instagram challenge. [Those challenges really work, guys.] At the time, Shelly was using the name Wild Saje for her soon-to-be herbal remedies, wellness coaching, and yoga instruction business and blog. Not only is Shelly a delight to talk to and SO knowledgeable, I loved her unique approach to achieving health and happiness through nurture, empowerment, and joy for the mind, body, and soul.

After doing some in-depth market research, the first order of business was renaming Shelly's brand to be more memorable and appropriate for the wellness industry. And so, Wildfire & Sage was born. With a name at hand, the brand positioning, mission statement, brand voice, and visual direction came next to solidify a very strong brand presence. Then, I hand-drew part of the logo and paired it with an easily attainable hand-drawn slab serif font to marry the clinical aspect of the brand with the more playful approach.

The result is a complete Brand Foundation and Identity Suite that we just can't stop staring at with a big smile on our faces. 

Read more about how this brand came together on the blog.


wildfire & sage’s mission:

For the better you. The true you. Through tinctures, salves, teas, simple foods, and simple exercise, Wildfire & Sage empowers you to become a healthier, happier, and more wholesome version of you.

I love Witchcraft Branding! I am very new to branding and did not have the first clue. Enid was so helpful. Not only did she deliver a solid foundation, she walked me through each step of the way. My business would not be headed in the right direction without Enid’s guidance. I am forever grateful.