Century-old healing techniques for those of us who ask the Universe for guidance.



The Space Within Reiki


Baltimore, Maryland


- Competitor and Target Audience Research
- Positioning Statement
- Mission Statement
- Brand Keywords
- Moodboard
- Identity Suite [logo, icon, fonts, and colors]
- Squarespace Website


The word 'serendipity' has followed me for the past year or so - even though it is a word so foreign to my vocabulary. It's just so...roses and sparkle. And I'm...just not. But how I met Usui Reiki master, Melisa Mitchell, is fucking serendipitous.

I had snagged one of her beautiful business cards at a crystal shop in Maryland after the succulent pattern on the front of the card caught my attention. I had that card on my inspiration magnet board in my office for months before one day I received an email from none other than the amazing person behind the card. I still swear to this day that Melisa sent me some unintended [but oh so good] Reiki through our emails and calls, because this project was a catalyst in my personal struggle as an entrepreneur. When I was down and in doubt, in came Melisa fueling my mission to help more female healers with their brands. 

Melisa's practice already had a GREAT name - The Space Within Reiki. And, in our early conversations, we agreed on expanding on the succulent theme that was already present in her old brand and sticking with the general look of her pre-existing icon [only updating the font to be less generic]. I couldn't have been more inspired! 

After doing some market and target audience research, I jumped into finding a color palette and brand typography that paired well with the refreshed brand look. I also designed a logo that incorporated the newly tweaked icon [originally, Melisa had only been using the icon as a logo].

To wrap it all up - I built a spanking new website that gave Melisa and The Space Within Reiki a professional presence and housed all the information she needed to effectively communicate her services to potential clients. 

I would say, this was a magical branding project.


The space within reiki’s mission:

To cultivate healing from the space within yourself.

I cannot say enough about how positive my experience working with Witchcraft Branding has been. Enid is intuitive, responsive, and supportive well beyond my expectations. She magically took my passion and turned it into a beautiful brand and a stunning website that have the exact look and feel I was hoping for - and she turned my dream of the perfect brand into reality for a cost I could afford as the owner of a new business. I am grateful for the confidence my new brand and website have given me to grow my company and to launch it into the next level. Witchcraft Branding truly is magic.