Everyone has a really good story to tell.



RAW Storytelling


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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RAW Storytelling provides any person from any background with the opportunity to share life experiences - and gather inspiration from those who share - through the tradition of true storytelling. RAW is my passion project - a free, monthly show where storytellers recount - from memory - a real moment in their lives that affected who they are. 

My goal with the project - and the brand - is to explore the human experience, from the taboo to the most common of moments, in a judgement-free space dedicated to bringing humanity together through acceptance and understanding one unscripted life story at a time.

The name came up organically when trying to explain this thing I wanted to create. I kept saying I needed to get this passion project off my chest, because I felt so raw as I was going through some life-changing years. The word 'raw' also represents how I want each story to be regardless of the topic. I want storytellers to be vulnerable and not be afraid to speak their mind.  

Although the logo and photography used throughout the brand is bold, I wanted it to be clean. Sans serif fonts and a simple color palette accentuate what's really important : the storyteller, the story, and the listener.

To get free tickets to an upcoming show or sign up to be a storyteller click HERE. Stay RAW!


raw storytelling’s mission:

RAW calls upon the timeless tradition of storytelling to help humanity find acceptance, understanding, and kinship one unscripted life story at a time.