The “Get To Know Your Brand” Questionnaire.


The purpose of this questionnaire is to delve deep into why you started your business, to uncover your true goal, and to get a glimpse into your desired path. Answer all the questions as honestly and in-depth as you can. There are no wrong answers. 

Once you're done, make sure to hit the submit button. Let’s make magic.

What's your name? *
What's your name?
Give me all that astrological chart goodness.
No name? No worries.
In the most simple terms, what is your business?
As in, how is your craft fulfilling for you?
Think back to when it was just a vague idea.
If you haven't yet. That's OK!
If you haven't opened shop yet, what are you planning on charging?
Is that really unique? Think hard.
If you don't have clients yet, you get to skip this one.
What human need are you promising to fulfill for your clients?
No clients? Think about what feelings you would like to convey in your future clients.
From brand consulting to website, business cards, and beyond.
What design style do you think resonates most with your business? *
Pick no more than 3 options.
How about that you hate?
How do you interact and engage with your community?