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Diamond Om Marketing


Miami, Florida


- Competitor and Target Audience Research
- Tagline
- Positioning Statement
- Mission Statement
- Brand Keywords
- Brand Voice and Moodboard
- Identity Suite [logo, fonts, and colors]
- Icons
- Business Cards
- MailChimp Email Template
- Squarespace Website


Diamond Om Marketing is the passion project of long-time friend and previous co-worker, Kay Frederick. For a few years, Kay had been toying with the idea to make a solid brand out of her side hustle and enlisted me to help accomplish her dreams. She’s on a mission to put her expertise to use offering social media, digital marketing, and content marketing to small businesses so they can concentrate on growing the business while she takes care of the marketing. Her passion for helping the underdog was so inspiring I knew I had to be part of building the Diamond Om Marketing brand. 

My main goal for Diamond Om Marketing was not only to create an eye-catching brand that would attract more leads, I also wanted to give Kay a cohesive and professional platform that would impress any potential client and instill trust in her expertise. From the tagline - Align With Your Tribe - to the color palette, logo, business cards & website, every detail was carefully crafted to speak to Kay’s personality while presenting her talents in the best light. 

Since Kay is also a well-regarded yoga instructor, she wants to eventually build a sister business named Diamond Om Yoga. Knowing this sister brand was in the pipeline, I wanted to make sure both brands didn’t fight against each other. I incorporated earthy and spiritual elements associated with yoga into the Diamond Om Marketing brand so that in the end Kay will have two brands she is proud to call her own. 


diamond om marketing’s mission:

Diamond Om Marketing wholeheartedly believes any small business can grow into a compelling brand. All it takes is a little love and a smart strategy to align with your tribe and expand your universe.

Everyone needs an Enid! Most people have an idea for their company and are ready to launch without considering the most important thing...how do you want to brand yourself. If it wasn’t for Enid and Witchcraft Branding, I don’t know where I’d be today! First impressions are important! Yes I had the knowledge, passion and experience, but the world is visual. With Witchcraft, I found the right look to top it all off and gained the confidence I needed to launch my brand. Thank you Enid for your patience! Thank you for caring for my brand as if it was your own. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

From Kay, With Love [I wouldn’t even have that closing sentence without her.]