Branding workshops taught by Enid Nolasco.


Dare to succeed - branding & passionate business workshop
Fort lauderdale, FL

Learn how to nurture your passion into a badass brand with brand consultant and designer, Enid Nolasco, and get the scoop on how to set a solid plan to success with accountability and success coach, Heather Mahoney. 

The fact is that 30% of new businesses won't make their second anniversary. Those are heavy statistics that can make entrepreneurs think and work in their business day in and day out. But by attending our Branding & Passionate Business Workshop, a business owner or future business owner could acquire the tools needed to make sure their business is one of the few that doesn't fail.

Branding 101
2 hours

Branding is one of the hardest concepts to explain or grasp. However, if you want to grow your idea into a thriving business you can actually live off - you need to make sure your brand is rock solid.

Much like construction, successful brands are built on a solid foundation. And, also much like construction, the concept of branding can be extremely overwhelming. What if I told you that you could break down the foundation of your brand into 4 bite-size questions? And that answering these questions would help you understand your business better so that you could market it better? 

These 4 questions are what I call the 4 Pillars of Branding. Each pillar feeds into the other and represents a question you should ask yourself to make sure your brand is on point.

Branding for the Poor Entrepreneur
2 hours

Whether you’re starting a small business or selling your services as a solopreneur, there’s no excuse for having a brand that’s not up to your own standards - even if your bank account has a 2-digit balance. This workshop will give you valuable tips and tricks so that you can show off a brand you’re proud to call your own without breaking the bank.

Finding Your Brand Story
1 day - 6 people
*this workshop is only offered in-person in south florida.

This workshop will teach you how to infuse your unique [personal] story into your brand. Learn the essentials of brand storytelling and how to effectively communicate your story through your brand. Includes teachings and group exercises. Finish the day with a solid brand story you'll be proud to share. This workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to grow their personal or lifestyle brand.


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“Enid totally leveled up my business. Her branding was a game changer. It’s like wearing a new outfit. You look awesome but most importantly you feel awesome, which makes you confident and get better results.”

— Jason, Perception Academy