BRANDing consulting FOR badass CREATIVES, makers & healers. because a successful brand is so much more than a logo.

Let's craft a brand you are proud to call your own. Choose the option that best fits your needs. 


craft your brand

3-week brand consulting program

Investment: $2,580

Craft Your Brand is a 3-week brand consulting and brand strategy program during which we'll craft a solid foundation for your badass brand.

Together, we'll uncover the story behind your brand, define your ideal target audience, analyze the competition to your benefit, develop your brand voice and messaging, and plan your brand strategy. At the end of the program, I'll design a moodboard and brand style guide that shows off your unique brand look and feel. 

The Craft Your Brand program includes:

> Quick chat to get a better understanding of your needs.

> Access to the 'Get To Know Your Brand' questionnaire.

> 90-minute initial brand consulting video call or in-person meeting.
[Which may or may not include some fun Tarot reading.]

> Two 60-minute video calls for further brand consulting.

> Two 'Ask Me Anything’ emails per week during our 3-week branding session. 

> Moodboard and brand style guide.

> Guidance on next steps.

> Upon request, ways to incorporate magic into your branding process.

Not ready to go full on brand magic maker? I've been in the same spot you are now and I totally understand making big investments are hella scary. Go light by booking a Coven Call. These are 1-hour brand coaching mini-sessions, which you can book on an hourly basis.



Coven Call


investment: $150/HOUR

Sometimes you just need a personal brand consultant. A confidant, a branding partner, a brand coach you can bounce ideas off and get objective business advice. That someone is me!

Coven Calls are 1-on-1 brand coaching chats designed to offer brand guidance when you’re not ready to invest in the Craft Your Brand program or for when you need of a brand consultant on-the-go. 

Pick my brain during our conversation and I’ll make all my branding expertise available so you can make mindful decisions about your brand.

A Coven Call includes:

> Access to THE 'Get To Know Your Brand' questionnaire before the call.

> 1-hour phone or video brand coaching call.

> Our call might include branding, business, marketing or productivity coaching.

> $150 off the craft your brand package.

> Upon request, we can incorporate some fun tarot reading.



“As an entrepreneur, I needed someone who understood my vision, my clients, and the feeling that I wanted my brand to embody. Enid get’s it. She was the perfect match."

— Lauren, Womb Tree Alchemy