Brand consulting for badass creatives, makers, and healers. Because a successful brand is so much more than a logo.

Let's craft a brand you are proud to call your own. Choose the option that best fits your needs. 

branding agency for women

The Brand Launch

Through productive brainstorming, market research, visual storytelling, brand strategy, design implementation, and a little magic sprinkled throughout - my goal is to provide you with the essential tools to start building a successful and fucking awesome lifestyle brand.



The Brand Launch program includes:

- Access to the “Get To Know Your Brand” questionnaire.
- 1-hour kick-off video call.
- Brand research on your target audience and competitors.
- Uncover your brand messaging and brand voice.
- Brand strategy.
- Moodboard that communicates your brand's look and feel.
- Help with brand naming.
- Tagline.
- A badass logo.
- Your brand color palette.
- Identifying your brand fonts and typography.
- Business card design, plus 50 free business cards.
- MailChimp email newsletter template design.
- “Coming soon” splash page on Squarespace.
- Squarespace website design*.
- A comprehensive 50+ page brand style guide.
- Tons of brand coaching during our journey.
- 50% discount on post-launch brand coaching calls.
- This package includes Tarot reading and other holistic exercises.

*Layout design of up to 5 pages; does not include copywriting. Already have your website covered or Squarespace won't work for your business? Choose 2 additional branded collateral pieces for design [for example: stickers, pins, gift cards, flyers, social media templates, letterhead].

The Brand Launch program is my most comprehensive offering and what I would recommend if you’re ready to turn your passion into a business. However, if you want to dip your toes into the branding world before taking the plunge, check out Craft Your Brand. This is a 3-week program where we’ll build the foundation of your brand through exercises and coaching.


branding agency for women

Craft Your Brand

Craft Your Brand is a 3-week brand consulting and brand strategy program during which we'll craft a solid foundation for your badass brand.

Together, we'll uncover the story behind your brand, define your values and ideal target audience, analyze the competition to your benefit, develop your brand voice and messaging, and plan your brand strategy. Through in-depth coaching sessions and fun exercises we'll find your why, what, who, and how so you can confidently grow your business knowing exactly what your brand stands for.

At the end of the program, I'll design a badass logo, a moodboard that communicates the look of your brand, and a style guide with the ideal font and color choices for your unique brand.



The Craft Your Brand program includes:

- Access to the “Get To Know Your Brand” questionnaire.
- 90-minute kick-off brand consulting video call.
- Two 60-minute video calls for further brand consulting.
- Two “ask me anything” emails per week during our 3-week branding session.
- Branding exercises to uncover your brand story and messaging.
- Help creating your brand strategy.
- A badass logo.
- Moodboard that communicates your brand's look and feel.
- Brand style guide showing brand fonts and colors.
- Guidance on next steps on how to bring your brand to life.
- Optional Tarot reading during our sessions.
- Upon request, ways to incorporate magic into your branding process.
*If you decide to upgrade to The Brand Launch package, your investment from the Craft Your Brand package will be discounted from The Brand Launch total.

Not ready to go full on brand magic maker? I've been in the same spot you are now and totally understand taking big steps are hella scary. Go light by booking a Brand Evaluation and Coven Call, a brand consulting session to get you started on your entrepreneur journey.


branding agency for women

Brand Evaluation and COven Call

Sometimes you need a personal brand consultant. Someone to give you an unbiased opinion. A confidant, a branding partner, a brand coach you can bounce ideas off and get objective business advice. That someone is me!

Coven Calls are 1-on-1 brand coaching chats designed to offer brand guidance when you’re not ready to invest in the Craft Your Brand or Brand Launch program or for when you need of a brand consultant on-the-go.

Before our Coven Call you’ll receive a comprehensive Brand Evaluation as a starting point. Afterwards, we’ll jump on a call and you can pick my brain during our 1-hour conversation. I’ll make all my branding expertise available so you can make mindful decisions about your brand.


Brand Evaluation and 1-ON-1 BRAND COACHING CALL

The Brand Evaluation and Coven Call includes:

- A comprehensive Brand Evaluation.
- Access to the “Get To Know Your Brand” questionnaire before our call.
- 1-hour phone or video brand coaching call.
- Our call might include branding, business, marketing or productivity coaching.
- Upon request, we can incorporate some fun Tarot reading.



“Not only did Enid deliver a solid brand foundation, she walked me through each step of the way. My business would not be headed in the right direction without her guidance. I am forever grateful.”

— Shelly, Wildfire & Sage


the Process

I’m all about clarity. You can ask me anything and I promise to be an open book. The entrepreneurs I work with become more than clients - they are my friends, part of my coven. Here’s a glimpse of how it feels to work with me as we join hands to build your badass brand. I’m ready when you’re ready.



We’ll have a quick chat over the phone or in-person to see if I’m the right fit for your needs. We’ll discuss where you’re at brand-wise and I’ll share my flat-rate pricing. If we’re meant to be we’ll setup a contract, a 50% deposit, and get started.


I’ll send you an in-depth questionnaire that gives me the essential info I need and gets you into the branding mindset. With the questionnaire completed, we’ll have our brand strategy call or in-person meeting. Let the magic begin!


Through research and analysis, I'll craft your Brand Foundation by identifying your target audience, positioning statement, mission statement, and brand voice. I’ll also evaluate your business name and tagline and curate a moodboard to show the visual direction for your new brand.


Once your Brand Foundation is good to go [and you’ve fallen in love with it], I’ll design your Brand Identity. This includes your logo, color palette, fonts, and supporting brand elements.


With the Identity Suite completed [and after receiving the 50% balance], I'll create your Brand Grimoire - a comprehensive PDF that defines your new brand guidelines. You’ll receive this PDF along with the final files of your logo and brand elements ready to use as needed. 


With your badass Brand Foundation and Identity in-hand, it’s time to create some branded collateral so you can truly launch into the Universe with your best foot forward. Let’s talk about your specific needs.