What’s the point of having a business when you don’t absolutely love what you do? Running a business is no joke. It’s completely exhilarating and fulfilling, with tons of ups and a few downs here and there. One of the mottos at Witchcraft Branding is #liveyourpassion. LIVE YOUR PASSION. And a big part of loving what you do is believing wholeheartedly in your craft while feeling accomplished of nurturing your community. Your niche. That very special group of people eager to benefit from what you offer and eager to make you proud to have served them in return.

Let’s start at the beginning - what is a brand? Brands are multi-sensory strategies carefully researched and designed to engage an audience with the purpose of creating loyalty. Now, what exactly does that mean? It means well-branded businesses make YOU want to want THEM and LIKE it. Branding is the original Christian Grey effect. You just can’t get enough of them no matter how hard you try to resist.