The Pricing Game

I’ve been playing the pricing game. That is, the game where I put the prices on my site and then take the prices off my site. On. Off. On. Off. Right now, they’re off. Anybody identify with me? After playing this game for a few months, here are my findings.

Earlier this year I evaluated my brand and made the decision of sharing my pricing on the Services page. After all, I’m honest to a fault so I have nothing to hide. It was coming from a place of being genuine and transparent. As the months went by, I realized 2 trends: site visitors dropping off before inquiring further and an increase of interest in my smallest offering.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely important for me to have an offering option that is on the lower budget side because I truly believe everyone deserves to have a brand they are proud to show off. However, girl gotta eat. And in order for me to help as many people as I can, regardless of budget, I need to have a profitable business. And I also need to eat my veggies. 🥦🥕

I know from experience that any price, no matter how small, is scary when you’re trying to decide if you want to invest in your passion. But after you take that leap, it’s so worth it. You grow and learn so much in return for your investment. I identified with the visitors that were dropping off the site, in the sense that it’s scary to see any number with a $ before it while knowing deep down you need the help.

So I decided to take the prices off the Services page and adjust my inquiry form to include more budget ranges. I want to respect my client’s budget and I want them to make the best decisions based on where they are in life. I took the pressure off those who need my help and put it on me. Now it’s my job to ease you into investing in yourself.

Are you ready to check out these infamous Services I keep talking about? Go ahead, take a peek.

- E. from W.

P.S. See you at the Women Empower Expo on November 10th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I’ll be a panelist and talking about all things branding.

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