The Four [Easy to Grasp] Pillars of Badass Branding

The concept of branding can be overwhelming. Hell, breathing can be overwhelming when you're trying to get your business off the ground. Promoting yourself, finding clients, actually offering your service, getting paid - all these little things add up. So when you keep hearing from clients, friends, family or acquaintances: "You should work on your brand." Brand is the last thing you want to do. You want sleep. And a night of binge-watching The CW or Netflix with a bowl of popcorn and a tub of ice cream. But mostly sleep. 

BUT, what if I told you that you can break down the foundation of your brand into 4 areas? Into 4 bite-size portions that will help you understand your business better so that you can market it better. Without a solid brand foundation, you're shooting blanks. You're throwing darts with a blindfold on after spinning in a circle 3 times. You're basically taking wild guesses at why your business is thriving or doing not so great. 

These 4 fun size areas of your brand foundation are what I call The 4 Pillars of Branding. Each pillar feeds into the other and they represent a question you should ask yourself to make sure your brand is on point.


The Holy Grail. The most important piece of your brand foundation puzzle that unlocks the answers to any question you may ask yourself when making business decisions. Who is your target audience? Your dream client. The person that not only wants to hire you but CAN hire you.

What makes your product or service unique? I'll give you a hint. It has to do 100% with you. 

Would your brand look [colors, fonts, photography, graphics, etc.] attract your target audience?

What is the core purpose behind your product or service? What human need are you satisfying for your target audience?


Take the time to define these 4 pillars for your brand and you'll see there's no one else out there like you. You'll see your brand in a new light that shines strong and you'll feel energized to continue working on your business aiming for that dream client.

- E. from W.

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