The Basic Must-Haves for a Solid Brand

As we’re getting closer to the new year, it’s time to take a breather and evaluate your blooming brand. Is it strong and growing or could it use a little love?

I often get asked, what should I do to grow my business? Although each situation is different, there are basic building blocks that every successful brand should be built upon. Here are my must-haves for badass brand!

Positioning Statement

Knowing how to describe what you do and what makes you unique in a compelling way is key to feeling confident as a business owner. Developing your Positioning Statement will give you the clarity you need.

Brand Values

What does your brand stand for? What human need does it fulfill? Defining your brand values will make sure you’re always on the right path.

Target Audience

Who is your dream client? Define that person and go get them!

Competitor Research

Your competition is your friend. There’s enough room in the Universe for all of us! However, studying your competition will give you insight into what makes you unique and how you can leverage it to grow your business.

Logo System

Hire a professional to design…a professional logo. Your logo is the first impression your clients will have of your brand and you want to make sure it’s memorable - in a good way. Tip: talk to your designer about creating a complete logo system with logo variations and/or icons that can be used across various platforms [print, digital, and social media].

Brand Colors

Define your brand colors. You should only have 1-2 main colors and perhaps a 3rd secondary color. And, black and white count as colors! Keep it simple and choose colors that will appeal to your target audience. Tip: search pre-made color palettes on Pinterest.

Brand Fonts

Like your colors, stick to at most 3 fonts. At most! Ideally 1-2 fonts. Again, choose fonts that go with your brand values and would appeal to your customers. Tip: Google popular font pairings.

Business Card

Every entrepreneur needs a business card, whether your business is brick and mortar or online. We’re social beings and you should be talking about your passion when you’re out mingling. Hand them a nicely designed and printed business card and use it as a conversation starter.

Email Template

Although it seems we keep getting bombarded by emails, there’s still an opportunity to reach your core audience through their inbox. Instead of thinking macro, think micro. There’s a group of brand loyalists who open every email you send and you want to give them great content in an attractive email template that keeps them engaged.


Is your website showcasing the best of your work front and center? Is your story and uniqueness coming across through your content? Does your site look fresh and modern? Websites should be frequently updated, don’t let it grow old.

Updated Social Media Profiles

Last, but not least, everyone knows that posting on social media 3+ times a week is important in today’s business landscape. However, are you also paying attention to your profile [your bio, profile and cover pictures, links, etc.]? Keep in mind, your social media profile is the first place a follower will go to once they’ve checked out your feed.

Try out these branding must-haves and let me if you’re feeling the magic. 🔮

- E. from W.

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