If you had to take a guess - what do you think is the number one question I get asked as a brand consultant and brand coach? My most received question, and usually the first question I’m asked is: “How do I talk about my own brand? Help! I have no idea how to describe my business.” Who can relate? 🙋🏾‍♀️ I’ll admit it - I’ve been there, too.

Watching TV is my happy place. There, I said it. Actually, I’m pretty proud of this fact. Making good TV is an art and I’ve learned so much from being TV-obsessed since as far as I can remember. TV taught me how to tell a story, it opened my eyes to different cultures, and it constantly inspires me with an array of carefully curated visuals. And, it’s given me an unlimited access to design inspiration. So, today, I’m taking 3 recent shows I’ve been watching and broken down their aesthetic into a color palette. Because, why not?