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A few months ago, I commented on a friend's Facebook post that I always go from an absolute high on the night of a RAW Storytelling show to an absolute low that lasts, at least, 24 hours after the show ends. I thought it was me and my crazy brain. But as friends who are also growing their ideas into brands started to ask me to describe more in detail what I felt, I realized there's a whole bunch of us out there feeling The RAW Blues.

The concept of branding can be overwhelming. Hell, breathing can be overwhelming when you're trying to get your business off the ground. Promoting yourself, finding clients, actually offering your service, getting paid - all these little things add up. So when you keep hearing from clients, friends, family or acquaintances: "You should work on your brand." Brand is the last thing you want to do. You want sleep. And a night of binge-watching The CW or Netflix with a bowl of popcorn and a tub of ice cream. But mostly sleep. 

This past September 4th marked the first year of Witchcraft Branding. Yes, you're reading this right. We're in November and I'm only NOW posting this. Over 2 months later. And another spoiler - September 4th is an honorary date I chose to mark Witchcraft's anniversary because this crazy person didn't write down the date I officially launched the website. And this is my first lesson learned since becoming a small business owner. SHIT GETS REALLY BUSY, REALLY FAST.

REPEAT 3 TIMES : I'm not afraid of change. I'm not afraid of change. I'm not afraid of change.

One of the most common causes of business death is being resistant to change. Think about how much technology has changed in the past 10 years. Like technology, your customers, your ambitions, your passions, and your capabilities have changed and grown over time.

Hustle. Such a complicated little word. The first thing I did when I sat down to write this blog post was google the definition of hustle. I've always had an adverse reaction to the word, even though I use it ALL THE TIME.

Well, maybe dying is a little extreme. But I'm really obsessed with podcasts and how amazingly helpful they've been to the progress of Witchcraft Branding. Podcasts have also kept me sane, comforted, and helped lower my stress at those moments where I’m overwhelmed and want to pull my hair out. And to be fair, feeling overwhelmed is just an everyday feeling nowadays. #growingpains 

Whether you’re starting a small business, planning to launch an Etsy shop, or selling your services as a solopreneur, there's no excuse for having a brand that's not up to your own standards - even if your bank account has a 2-digit balance. Hey, we've all been there. Ramen noodle time and oh how delicious!

What’s the point of having a business when you don’t absolutely love what you do? Running a business is no joke. It’s completely exhilarating and fulfilling, with tons of ups and a few downs here and there. One of the mottos at Witchcraft Branding is #liveyourpassion. LIVE YOUR PASSION. And a big part of loving what you do is believing wholeheartedly in your craft while feeling accomplished of nurturing your community. Your niche. That very special group of people eager to benefit from what you offer and eager to make you proud to have served them in return.

Let’s start at the beginning - what is a brand? Brands are multi-sensory strategies carefully researched and designed to engage an audience with the purpose of creating loyalty. Now, what exactly does that mean? It means well-branded businesses make YOU want to want THEM and LIKE it. Branding is the original Christian Grey effect. You just can’t get enough of them no matter how hard you try to resist.