Podcasts I Really Can’t Live Without. As In I’ll Die.

Well, maybe dying is a little extreme. But I'm really obsessed with podcasts and how amazingly helpful they've been to the progress of Witchcraft Branding. Podcasts have also kept me sane, comforted, and helped lower my stress at those moments where I’m overwhelmed and want to pull my hair out. And to be fair, feeling overwhelmed is just an everyday feeling nowadays. #growingpains

Running a small business can be lonely, especially if you're running solo with the wind under your wings and multi-tasking like a badass. Sure I know people (like 3), but I don’t want to dump all my problems on them over pastries at a coffee shop. So during the past 4-5 years of my life I've become reliant on my ‘podcast muses’ that provide me with the best advice a small business owner can ask for. Since I can’t live without them, I wanted to share with you some of my golden podcasts finds. 

BEING BOSS: is primarily a podcast for entrepreneurs, but the branding and business lessons I've learned are amazing and, most importantly, easy to digest and apply. This podcast also taught me about how being creative is a mindset. You can work in an industry not considered ‘creative' and still approach your business from a fresh perspective that is true to your core purpose and beliefs. Just because 10k people before you did it one way, doesn’t mean you can’t make clients happy by doing it your way.

THE BROAD EXPERIENCE: is about the role of women in the workforce. There are so many things both women and men do subconsciously that feed into the unfounded and wrong social norms, and this podcast really made me think of how I react as a woman and how others perceive me.

WORK IN PROGRESS: helped me navigate the professional world in a more conscious way. Work in Progress is about that squishy place where work, personality, and your beliefs collide. It’s about how to find your true self in your profession or how sometimes a change in your personal life can affect your career path.

STARTUP & OPEN FOR BUSINESS: both of these podcasts are produced by the awesome podcast production company, Gimlet Media. They focus on entrepreneurs and new businesses, from finding investors to hiring and everything in between.

RISK!: ‘True stories boldly told.’ Maybe some of you are familiar with The Moth, which is a national storytelling organization. Similar to that, RISK! is a true storytelling podcast where everyday people stand up in front of strangers and tell their story no matter how risky it is. I've learned so much about being human on RISK! Listening to others tell their life story has forever changed how I see my life, the lives of others, and why acceptance and being nonjudgemental is so important to growing as a person. This podcast has also inspired me to start a free, true storytelling live event in Fort Lauderdale named RAW. More on that in a few weeks! 

NERDIST PODCAST: is just plain awesome. Not only is the Nerdist brand a hub nerdy pop culture fandom, they also have a podcast that interviews artists big and small to show that we’re all in the same boat. It’s hard to feel like something has only happened to you after listening to this podcast.

CREATIVE BIZ REBELLION: is hosted by 2 cool gals who own creative businesses and want to help others do the same. They do a great job of going into detail on how to get a creative shop up and running. 

MY DAD WROTE A PORNO: should be prescribed by doctors for stress relief. Prepare yourself for belly laughs and happy tears. This is a comedy podcast where a son reads a REALLY bad erotic literature book his own dad wrote and makes complete fun of it with his 2 friends. All of this, PLUS they're British. What more can you ask for?

Do you have any podcasts you can’t live without? Then you MUST share! Find me at INSTAGRAM or HERE and tell me all about them. 

- E. from W.

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