I'm Not Afraid of Change

I'm not afraid of change.
I'm not afraid of change.
I'm not afraid of change.

One of the most common causes of business death is being resistant to change. Think about how much technology has changed in the past 10 years. Like technology, your customers, your ambitions, your passions, and your capabilities have changed and grown over time.

It is completely OK [and encouraged] to do an internal evaluation once a year to see if your services are still in line with those who are buying your services - dream customers or not. In fact, it's very likely all the brands you're a super fan of have their own annual evaluations to see what's attracting their audience [a.k.a you] and what could attract them in the future.

Accepting change is important. More than important, it is vital for your business to continue to grow and develop. And for those of us who identify as entrepreneurs, we all have one thing in common : we like to see our ideas grow. Honestly, it's like a drug. We're full of ideas and we become addicted to bringing them to life. And this is not a bad thing. Every day we learn something new. Our skills improve. Someone asks you, 'can you this for me?' and you discover that not only CAN you do it, but you LOVE doing it! Make sure you apply your entrepreneurial spirit not only to your personal life, but also your company. Let your brand grow with you by either offering new services or perhaps find new [and more effective] ways to offer the same services.

There will also be moments when new ideas you would have never thought of before sprout out of your main business. You have an AHA! moment where you think, 'why not?' DO IT! If you discover something that you are passionate about, find a way to make it part of your existing business, either as a sister brand or under the umbrella of your main brand. What is the worst that can happen? When you accept change, any problem can be solved. And, hey, it may be that your new passion is more successful than your original idea.

Moral of the story - do not be afraid. Your business, your brand, your passions are made to grow and be shared.

- E. from W.

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P.P.S. Speaking of change, Witchcraft Branding is transitioning into a platform that will both make me more happy and also allow me to help much more badass creatives & makers out there. More info HERE.

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