Getting Rid of the Instagram Grid

I recently took a comprehensive personality test that said, among other things, that I like rules and order. Which…might be true…but…I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. The test results came at the precise moment when I was debating what do with the Witchcraft Branding Instagram account. As a creature of habit - and apparently rules - I was debating with myself if I was being too stringent with my Instagram posting structure and the grid I had locked myself into.

Many of us take advantage of Instagram to not only connect with our community, but also share our process, work, daily behind-the-scenes, and cute doggy pictures. Although I love Instagram, soon after I started Witchcraft I found myself begrudginly scrolling and scrolling and scrolling (and scrolling some more) and not dedicating enough time to finding other ways to grow the business. So, I did some research and found apps such as Later and sat down for 2 ½ days in January and scheduled my Instagram posts for the following 3 months. And then, I forgot about Instagram. :(

Well, I didn’t forget about it. I posted recurrently and engaged with those who commented, but my love for Instagram started to dwindle. See, another main reason I decided to schedule posts in advance was to create some sort of cohesiveness in the look & feel of my account. I’d been slobbering all over these AMAZING Instagram accounts of other branding agencies or graphic designers I admired where it seems like they have a photographer and an art director on the full-time payroll day, night, and weekends! I studied their accounts (a tip I recommend to all my clients – study the accounts of your competitors good or bad), took notes, and came up with a plan for my own account. My master plan was to create a shit-ton of graphics using the same filters, saturation, fonts, colors, etc. I created templates in Photoshop where I could replace the text and reuse them and I even came up with a pattern : 1 picture followed by 1 graphic made with text followed again by 1 picture and so on. On paper, this all sounded great! But, as the weeks went by and I found myself posting graphics I had created 8 weeks before, I started to feel unauthentic.

I lost touch on sharing what as happening day-to-day, which was really exciting. And I didn’t want to announce things 3 months in the future just because it would throw off my pattern/grid if I posted it as it happened. I missed days like Pi Day, which as a nerd and a person who REALLY likes pie was important to me LOL. It might seem like little things, but overall I missed knowing that I was letting people into my life as it was happening, not as it happened weeks ago. So I decided to get rid of the grid. Well, 85% of it.

I’m still creating graphics ahead of time, because the reality is I can’t create the graphics in real time. I’m saving these graphics for when I’m low on photos of real life, because HEY not every day is that exciting. Most days it’s just me sitting in front of an iMac for hours upon hours. And I’m committing to sticking to my 1 post a day schedule with pictures of what’s really going on. I’m engaging more with people I know or don’t know on Instagram to see what’s happening around me. What cause do I want to support? What event do I want to attend? What cool new brand just popped up in my feed?

Yes, this might lead to a less cohesive, not-so-grid-like profile, but it will be 100% authentically Witchcraft Branding and me. And that’s a win in my book.

Reach out to me on said Instagram account HERE. It’s a blast!

- E. from W.

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