Finding Your Niche

What’s the point of having a business when you don’t absolutely love what you do? Running a business is no joke. It’s completely exhilarating and fulfilling, with tons of ups and a few downs here and there. Hard work, late nights, and sacrifices are all part of the deal. It sounds super cliche, but life is too short to not love what you do every day. 

One of the mottos at Witchcraft Branding is #liveyourpassion. LIVE YOUR PASSION. And a big part of living your passion and loving what you do is believing wholeheartedly in your craft while feeling accomplished of nurturing your community. Now, I’m pretty sure when you set off to conquer the world (or, if you’re like me, your comfy corner of the universe) you had a dream customer in mind. That one customer you might even, maybe, possibly take on for free. You envisioned that dream customer for a reason. When you think of putting the results of your hard work in the hands of this customer you probably feel accomplished. You’re making them happy and, in turn, you’re happy. Now multiply this dream customer by 10, by 100, by 1000. This is your niche. A large group of very special people eager to benefit from what you offer and eager to make you proud to have served them in return. 

When I started to brew what would eventually become Witchcraft Branding, one thought about my customers always floated up to the top of my must-have list : they had to be in the creative field. To be even more specific, I mostly do brand consulting for women who consider themselves as creatives or makers on a starter-budget. That’s VERY specific and just how I like it. I don’t want to find myself half-assing it, half-interested, and not giving a client my all because I’m not interested in their industry. Am I excluding a whole bunch of potential clients? Yes. Am I okay with that? Absolutely.

By honing in on a particular niche, I know I’ll be doing my best work for the perfectly-matched client. For example, I feel SO passionate about the creative industry and the modern maker-movement, I couldn’t see myself working for any other type of client. The phrase ‘creatives for creatives’ rang so true for my purpose. From photographers to cross-stitchers. From jewelry makers to event planners. And throw in the occasional totally-inspiring yoga instructor, these types of clients fuel me to do the work and stay focused.  

In order to find your niche, you need to delve deep to uncover your core purpose. What makes you get up every day excited to open up for shop? What human need do you want to fulfill with your brand? Who needs your services the most and do you believe in this person? Is this someone you would be friends with, talk to, understand their story? Have an honest conversation with yourself to see what type of client will make YOU happy. 

So, I want to know all about your niche. Or, if you want someone to bounce ideas off - you know where to find me. Just SAY HI

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