Color Me Red

Hi Witches!

For the longest time, every brand I worked on was either black and white or blue and green. It just happened to fall that way. It was the best color palette for the brand personality and what would set them apart from the competition. But the tides have changed. We’re seeing red, baby! In a really good way!

I’m sharing this month 3 recent brands I’ve had the pleasure to develop that were all very, very red inspired.


AXEN Club is a free accountability group that helps people accomplish their goals in community. With dozens of AXEN Clubs around the globe, I was given the task to rename the organization and give it a signature look that was easy to replicate across all clubs, yet still had personality. Oh, and I had to use red!

See more of the brand HERE.


Before her rebrand, artist Dani V. was promoting herself under the name Art of Bubbsy - Bubbsy being a nickname she was more than happy to part ways with. She wanted a brand name and defined look that didn’t compete with her art. Although most of her illustration work is in black and white, she did have pops of red here and there. Dani inspired me to create one of my favorite brands to date and now she is able to inspire others with a brand that can’t be missed.

See more of the brand HERE.


You’re getting the exclusive! This is a brand that is still in the works and yet to be revealed on my portfolio. But you Witches are special, so I’m giving you the first look. Meet StoryBold! Originally named Novel Masters, writing coach Julie Tyler approached me to help her with a rebrand after noticing her target audience had changed since launching the business. I renamed the brand and, of course, kept the red which she described as the color that best represented her coaching personality. To balance it out, I paired the red with a cool blue to magical results!

Let me know which one you like best, ‘cause I can’t choose. ;)

- E. from W.

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