The Apps & Hacks that Keep Me Sane

Hey, Witches! This month’s blog post is going to be full of the most badass tips and tricks that will help you retain your sanity as a small business owner.

You’ve heard it over, and over, and over - being an entrepreneur is a ton of work. It’s what I imagine it feels like to have a child. You know, when parents say that cliché, “It’s so much work but when you see them smile it makes you realize it’s all worth it.” [I assume] it’s the same fucking feeling as when you’ve busted your ass growing your business for years and you finally see your bank account smiling back at you. With lots of commas dividing up these little symbols we call numbers.

Ah, we sure do love those commas…

So as we get more dough in the bank, there seems to be less time to do the things that bring us that dough. And that’s what I’m tackling today. The apps and hacks that have helped me streamline daily tasks so I have more time and energy to buy some doughnuts with my dough. 🍩


I’ve said this before and will say it again. I can’t WAIT until social media isn’t a thing anymore. It really has become an obligated time guzzler. Can you run a successful business without social media? Of course. Does social media help you become a more established business faster? If done correctly, yes.

Therefore, since we’re still in the era where we need to use social media to build our brand awareness, aim to dedicate your time to these platforms wisely. Planoly is a great scheduling app for Instagram where you can even schedule your Stories in advance. Facebook has a great scheduling feature integrated into their platform. And as far as Twitter, LinkedIn, and others - I actively choose to limit myself to 2 social media platforms but I’m sure these also have scheduling hacks.


There’s no excuse to repost other people’s branded quotes or graphics. You should ALWAYS be sharing graphics that are in your brand colors, fonts, and style. Think of Canva as a graphic design app that is free. You can even create PDFs and presentation slides through Canva. And remember to save those branded templates so that you can re-use them in the future and save time by not having to re-create graphics over and over again. Just pop in new content and tada!


Who else has handwritten notes, notes on their phone, active Google docs, email threads, and, best of all, notes that only exist in your not-so-good memory? Definitely me! I rely heavily on the project management app, Asana, to keep me as organized as possible. In addition to keeping your notes in one place, you can document your work flow so that you can hire somebody to do the tasks you don’t need to do yourself. Which, speaking of…


You simply can’t do it all. Or at least, not to the best potential possible. Plus, having fresh ideas coming into your business is always great for brand growth. A fresh perspective is crucial to staying current/relevant.


Now that you have more time, you should be able to focus on creating more targeted services that will get you the clients you need to meet your financial goals. And with more clients comes more work, so let’s make that on-boarding experience a swift one. Use Invoicely to easily accept credit card payments and keep track of your invoices. Use Eversign to e-sign estimates and contracts so you’re not left waiting for somebody to find a printer, scan the damn thing, and email it back.

I am sure there are many more apps and hacks that have served you well. Share those with me in the comments below! Until next time, keep making magic! 🔮

- E. from W.

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