All You Need is a Badass Business Card

As I continue this crazy solopreneur path, there’s one business building concept I keep happily stumbling upon: meeting and talking to people is your best marketing tactic. Doing business the old school way, before the digital era and social media existed, still works! Networking and fostering social situations where you get to showcase your expertise is 10x more valuable than an ad on Facebook or Instagram. You’re building meaningful relationships and, most importantly, instilling trust. When somebody trusts that you are an expert in your field, they not only consider hiring you, but refer you to people who trust them - creating an ever expanding spiderweb of connections that are all gaga for working with you.

For me, my website and social media accounts have become the 3rd and 4th most important marketing tools. The #1 and #2 tools? My presence and my trusty - and somewhat flashy - business cards.

business card

I went all out on my business cards getting the Luxe, ultra-thick, cotton-like cards from Moo that literally make everyone I hand a card to take a moment to acknowledge that yes, I just handed them the thickest/heaviest card they’ve ever seen. I can assure you, they always put that card in their pocket or purse, not the nearest trash can. I also went all out taking extra time to design a card that communicates exactly what my style is like, what it feels like to interact with my brand, and what type of work I do.

If you’re not confident that your business card hits these 3 key points - hire a designer to create this for you. You can find a freelance graphic designer to work on a business card for around $75-$300. Believe me, the investment will pay off. Make sure to find someone who has good experience with paper and printing [like me], because great design is only great if it’s produced properly. A stunning design printed on paper so thin you can see through it isn’t going to communicate anything except: I’m broke, struggling to find clients in order to invest in quality products and, therefore, not good at what I do.

Business cards are both visual and tactile. Make sure you’re taking advantage of this by luring in your dream customer with an appealing visual design and intriguing touchy/feely experience. Don’t hold back on spending $100+ on the printing of 100-250 cards. Again, the investment will pay off.

Need some help with your business cards? That’s what I’m here for! You know where to find me. 🔮

- E. from W.

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