For the tenacious. For the gutsy. For the fearless who dream big. Witchcraft Branding is spellbound to you.



I believe well-designed, story-driven brands empower passionate business owners to live their passion from day-to-day, such as I get to live mine. I'm committed to helping growing businesses define their unique place in the Universe by taking what they are already successful at and refining it into a captivating brand. This is why I founded Witchcraft Branding.

The witch behind Witchcraft Branding is me, Enid Nolasco - your personal brand designer and magic maker. I’m your business-minded bestie that tells it to you like it is - no sugar coating. Friends are great for mimosas and brunch, I'm great for leveling up your brand and launching it into the Universe. 

My mission is to empower you through your journey of building a brand you are proud to call your own. I get your hustle. I get your dreams. And I'm right there with you through it all. Together, we'll create good ol’ branding magic.

I've worked in the media, design, and branding industries for over 15 years and want to put all my experience to use for your benefit. I started my career in Puerto Rico honing my storytelling skills on TV and film sets before moving back to the States and deciding to shake-up my career path after finding a passion for branding. It was a scary decision, but I jumped in wholeheartedly - I even received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Branding and Media Design [and I was the Valedictorian]! All the hard work has paid off and now I want to share everything I've learned with you. I want to make the creative and holistic community an even more awesome place, one brand at a time.

What are you waiting for? Let's talk brand.

Fun things about me:

- I’m obsessed with podcasts.

- Watching TV is my favorite hobby.

- I have a M.F.A in Branding. Seriously!

- Can I practice my Tarot reading on you?

- fave TV shows? Buffy, alias & the Magicians.

- This is my passion project:


hear me speak


“We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren't able to burn.”



the Manifesto

Some thoughts to live by, for both you and me.



My job is to help you define that awesome brand that lies beneath through a fun and stress-free process. Your job is to join in on the fun by actively participating and being passionate about what you do.


I’m here for that small business owner who’s been profitable for some time and is ready to become a solid, cohesive brand.


Tarot decks, t-shirts, leggings, jeans, novelty socks, and open minds are musts when it comes to having productive business meetings. Suits aren’t.


I like weird people. I like nice people. I like nerdy people. I like geeky people. Nobody likes mean people.


There are absolutely, unquestionably, in no way possible ANY emergencies in branding. We’re not saving lives here; we’re crafting brands and enjoying the ride.


Quality over quantity. Less is more. Work to live. Never give up, never surrender. Where there's a witch, there's a way. A few words to live by.