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South Florida


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AXEN Club is a free, goal-setting and accountability group founded in the early 2010s by the one-and-only Ivan “Dynamo” De Jesus. Dynamo [and yep, that’s he’s real name] was inspired to create AXEN when he found himself unable to accomplish his goals even though he knew exactly what steps he needed to take to accomplish them. He convinced some buddies to meet weekly in a co-working space in Miami, Florida to hold each other accountable to their goals and…it worked. Years later, there are dozens of AXEN Clubs around the globe each helping every day people accomplish their goals - no matter how big or small - through the power of community and accountability.

And then, in 2015, I found AXEN Club and it changed my life. I started RAW Storytelling thanks to AXEN, met my incredible support team and friends, and have had access to incredible work and speaking opportunities. Originally named Action Club [which could not be trademarked], I helped Dynamo rename the brand, design a new logo, and create a solid brand that could be replicable, but still identifiable across all the clubs. The resulting brand has a bold presence which is as strong as the bonds made during each meeting.


AXEN Club’s mission:

Because dreams feel better when they’re shared. For everyone who has ever had a goal and needed a little help, AXEN is that feel good, goal setting group that shows you the future and how you can make it true.

It is rare when working with a company/person that helps you with your business that not only solves your problem but also gives you a new perspective on why you’re in business, to begin with. Witchcraft Branding was that type of experience for me, it was an incredibly enlightening, transformational experience to say the least. Enid doesn’t just ask questions about colors for a logo, she gets to the soul of what you want to express as a brand. Enid is passionate, precise, a great communicator, and can extract the idea of what you’re looking to express and meticulously create a story that engages customers in a profound way. I recommend you work with Witchcraft Branding immediately.