Expressive portraits for the modern-day art admirer.

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Art of the Beholder


Nashville, Tennessee


- Target Audience Research
- Name and Tagline
- Positioning Statement
- Mission Statement
- Brand Keywords
- Moodboard
- Identity Suite [logo, fonts, colors, and icon]


It’s always a good feeling when you’re referred to somebody’s friend. You wouldn’t recommend just anyone to a friend, right? This is how I met Dani Veit, an artist and pastry chef living in Nashville, Tennessee. I had met Dani’s friend, artist Brandy Lynn, at a local event and when Dani was looking for branding help with her passion projects, Brandy brought up my name.

At the time, Dani was promoting her art under the name Art of Bubbsy - Bubbsy being a personal nickname she was more than happy to part ways with. She wanted a brand name for her art, something more unique than using her given name. She also wanted a defined look that identified her brand without competing with the art itself. With a deadline of creating a cohesive and professional look before the holiday season, Dani and I ventured into branding magic developing what would be her new persona.

The first step - the name. In talking with Dani, she mentioned capturing the emotion behind the eyes was the most important part of her portrait illustrations. This inspired me with the name Art of the Beholder, as a play on the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Her tagline, Geometric Portrait Art by Dani V., became the manner in which we gave her art a style name as it was so unique it didn’t fit into pre-existing categories. The moodboard, which features her art and pictures from her own popular Instagram account, gave birth to the color palette and overall brand look. And her use of curly brackets inspired the logo.

Dani inspired me to create one of my favorite brands to date and now she is able to inspire others with a brand that can’t be missed.


art of the beholder’s mission:

What is a face, but a collection of the most intimate traits that make up a loved one, an acquaintance, a stranger? Through hand-drawn portrait art and illustrations, Art of the Beholder captures the most human of moments to connect you with that feeling of being so alive.

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